The simulation dinosaur

Dinosaur simulation is the use of modern scientific and technological means, according to the dinosaur fossil computer reconstruction pictures produced realistic dinosaur. The appearance, shape and movement of the simulated dinosaur are very lifelike.
Effect of meaning  Simulation of dinosaurs can be more intuitive, more image of dinosaurs to let people understand the restoration of ancient dinosaur era style. The simulation dinosaur may let the child understand the dinosaur directly. At present, there are many simulated dinosaurs, simulated animals and plants, and simulated robots in various parks or tourist areas, which can not only provide landscapes with cultural and artistic atmosphere, but also increase tourists' understanding of related plants and animals, and strengthen related popular science knowledge in entertainment.
Production process  irst is the dynamic mechanical dinosaur, USES the steel bracket, dinosaurs and machinery, transmission, with high density sponge stereo processed muscle part of dinosaurs, and then joined on muscle fiber, increase the intensity of the dinosaur skin, finally after diluted with silica gel evenly brush to the dinosaur is formed on the muscles of the skin, spray on color again, finally embedded control program, so that a complete simulation dinosaur came out. Such a dinosaur can do eyes, head, mouth, neck, claws, abdomen, legs, tail and other movements plus the appropriate call is very vivid!The second is to sculpture dinosaurs. His production process and materials are divided into two types: 1. Fiberglass material; 2. Cement sculpture. Steel is still needed to make the skeleton of the dinosaur, along with fiberglass and concrete skin. Such dinosaurs can be made into different poses, lifelike. But he can't do mechanical movement. He's a sculpture of a dinosaur.

Stage of development

The first stage: the initial stage  This period began in the late 1990s and ended in 2005. This period is also our country simulates the dinosaur industry the most chaotic period. All kinds of crude imitation dinosaurs are rampant in the market. Simulative dinosaur is mostly cannot move, cannot call glass reinforced plastic sculpture product, appearance is inflexible, to people and cannot create the oppressive feeling like that kind of immersive and visual wallop. The main reason is that the domestic simulation dinosaur manufacturing industry has not made a breakthrough in dinosaur production technology.At this time, the production cost of simulation dinosaur is low, so the threshold of simulation dinosaur rental company is low, all kinds of dinosaur rental companies mixed good and bad. This period of the emergence of virtual dinosaur companies mainly concentrated in sichuan area. Some technologically advanced dinosaur making and leasing enterprises completed the accumulation of primitive capital during this period.
Stage 2: survival of the fittest  This phase began in about 2006 and ended in 2013. This period is the "warring states period" of China's simulation dinosaur production and dinosaur leasing industry. Investigate its reason, basically be to imitate the major breakthrough that dinosaur makes a technology to get on. Some advanced electronic technology, automation technology is applied in the production of simulation dinosaur. The application of these new technologies makes the previously inflexible and immovable dinosaurs become "alive", greatly enhancing the sense of pressure and visual impact.As a result of the simulation dinosaur production costs increase at the same time, some have no power, can't timely technical upgrading of small small simulation dinosaur cab large-area collapse, some real strength, has a mouth, a performance simulation dinosaur manufacture and leasing company to survive, and a lot of profit, to establish their dominance in the simulation dinosaur industry.Sichuan zigong region, guangdong guangzhou region, jinan region, Shanghai region as a representative of the simulation of dinosaur rental enterprises is one of the best.
Third stage: standardization stage  This phase has been going on since about 2013. After a round of survival of the fittest, some of the poor reputation, has inverted the transfer of goods to get by, make up the number of simulation dinosaur rental company out of the market stage, the industry simulation dinosaur rental market price also began to return to the right track. The era of virtual dinosaur rentals is over. Simulation dinosaur market is no longer mixed, sichuan zigong, guangdong guangzhou, jinan region, Shanghai region, four regions of the old enterprises, the Chinese dinosaur rental market carved up. The industry has also formed some default dinosaur rental norms. This one phase, marking below market economy adjustment, emulative dinosaur industry entered standardization stage stage stage stage stage stage stage stage stage stage.