All city governments attach great importance to the urban lighting work,and have carried out the urban lighting construction to varying degrees,taking the construction of urban lighting project as an important measure to improve and beautify the urban environment. It has become the consensus of leaders at all levels and all sectors of society to make cities bright and beautiful.Under the attention of government and leaders at all levels,China's urban lighting project has achieved unprecedented development.City nightview lighting building high starting point, large scale,rapid progress. In the process of urban lighting project construction and development,cities have also accumulated a lot of experience.
Government leaders attach importance to
The leader takes seriously is the key that does well bright work.Many city leaders personally involved in the city lighting project construction,and the work included in the municipal government's work plan.From the organization arrangement person is in charge,and sets up the specialized organization like "bright to do","glorious to do" and so on, vigorously implements "bright project","bright project" and so on night scene illumination project,emerges a large number of outstanding bright project projects.The cooperation of various departments and the participation
of the whole people are the basis of doing well the lighting work.It is very important to organize and coordinate the cooperationamong various departments and units and actively mobilize the whole people to participate.
City features
The city itself characteristic formulates the high starting point, the high standard,the high level city lighting project development overall plan.The urban lighting project should embody the characteristics of urban art and humanity.A city night scene lighting good or bad, the key is to have a good overall planning.For example, in the urban lighting project construction in shenyang,
the construction of landscape lighting is planned and constructed according to the urban positioning.The planning is divided into overall planning and local planning,so as to achieve the consistency of features and functional positioning.Shanghai, dalian, tianjin, chongqing, shenzhen and other cities of the city lighting project,due to a more rigorous and scientific overall planning, the whole city lighting project highlights,distinctive characteristics, better shows the function,characteristics and historical and cultural connotation of their respective cities.
Scientific and artistic guidance
The urban lighting project has developed from the pure pursuit of "brightness"to the pursuit of bright art and bright science. Can't just let the city light up,but also let the city beautiful, but also more nightscape lighting works.Gradually realized by the lighting to shape the image of the night and lighting the direction of the art of excessive, become a night lighting masterpiece.
Sound technical management
Organizationally, the city has set up special institutions and personnel to manage this work,and technically, the professional and technical departments and personnel concerned constitute the lighting work expert group to study, test and check the design,construction and commissioning of the city lighting project.Management is very important to maintain the operation and lighting effect of urban lighting engineering facilities. In the process of urban lighting project construction management,many cities have made many relevant rules and regulations.