Zigong lushen science and technology co., ltd. was founded in September 2018 with a registered capital of 37.17 million yuan. Located in the south of sichuan province, it enjoys the reputation of "millennium salt capital", "southern light city" and "dinosaur town". The company mainly engaged in the production of lanterns and lanterns cultural and artistic heritage and simulation of animal and plant research and development. Zigong lantern fair is the connotation of the southern city of lights, formed in the qing dynasty, gradually evolved into a relatively fixed content, in a specific period of time and a certain line of inheritance of large-scale folk cultural activities. In recent years, the lantern fair has been very popular in domestic and foreign markets. The company took this opportunity to integrate the former gas market resources and optimize the existing business functions under the warm care and sincere support of the business departments of governments at all levels, and officially changed its name to "zigong lushen technology co., LTD.".
        Company with "with the help of the local economy development platform, create a new situation heron milk spanning development" in the long term vision and clank oath, to the "integrity efficient, sincere service" business philosophy, and "the careful design, construction, safety management, comprehensive monitoring attentively" construction concept, carry forward the tradition of zigong lantern cultural art, at the same time, for social economy, regional development can contribute.
        After nearly ten years of hard work, the company has gradually expanded its business scope and business market from the original single-type operation to the diversified development after restructuring. The business areas that the company is expanding and going into include solar product research and development, design, sales, installation and maintenance. Urban road lighting project; Construction of municipal engineering; R&d, design, sales, installation and maintenance of municipal facilities; Simulation of animal and plant research and development, design, production, sales, leasing, exhibition and installation, maintenance, and import and export of goods and technology. The company now has "municipal public engineering construction general contracting level 3", "power engineering construction general contracting level 3", "city and road lighting engineering professional contracting level 3", "production safety license" and other qualifications, professional technical team has been assessed or trained qualified. Business has been involved in hebei, shanxi, jiangsu, zhejiang and other places, as well as the foreign market is expanding.
        Enterprises in the continuous creation of brilliant at the same time, always to the society, to the country, to the vast number of customers at home and abroad with a sincere heart, Thanksgiving, continue to donate money, teaching assistant, help the disabled, help the elderly and other ways of gratitude to the community. Lu milk will, as always, dedicate our sincere wishes to customers with increasingly advanced technology and increasingly perfect service, and set foot on a firm and solid step by step for the standardization, collectivization and scale development of lu milk. We will make unremitting efforts for the promotion, development and innovation of traditional culture in yandu.
       The people of lu shen firmly believe that the goal is far away, and the goal can be reached if the target is broad.