Continuously optimize the industrial structure ..


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Continuously optimize the industrial structure and promote the diversified development of the company

(Li Ke, chairman of the company, presided over the meeting)

       Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus in 2020, all walks of life have faced severe challenges such as rising operating costs and tightening market demand that restrict the healthy development of enterprises! Various factors are forcing enterprises to transform and upgrade, and are forced to overcome cyclical difficulties with the resilience of survival. According to the requirements of the fifth meeting of the second board of directors of Lushen Cultural Tourism and the resolutions of the company's first executive work (expansion) meeting in 2021, and in accordance with the strategic thinking of "consolidating the stable expansion of the main business, and promoting the coordinated promotion of multiple strategies", the company has diversified development. The path expansion work is carried out in an orderly manner.

(Li Niu, general manager of Lusheng Gas, supervised the construction on site)

       According to the Liupanshui Zhongshan Industrial Park Management Committee: minutes of the Zhongshanji [2021] No. 2 meeting, the second meeting minutes of the Liupanshui Zhongshan Industrial Park Management Committee Party and Government Joint Meeting [2022], the CPC Liupanshui Zhongshan Industrial Park Working Committee [2022] Minutes of the 1st meeting and the Zhongshan District Housing and Urban-rural Development Bureau of Liupanshui City: Zhongzhujian News [2022] No. 3 and other documents for guidance, Lushen Cultural Tourism Holding Subsidiary - Liupanshui Lusheng Natural Gas Co., Ltd. has successively contacted Zhong The mountain government platform company signed the "Liupanshui City Zhongshan District Township and Township Pipeline Natural Gas Project Cooperation Agreement" and signed the "Gas Supply and Use Agreement (including residential gas and non-residential gas)" with the upstream gas supply unit, and reported to Liupanshui City Approved by Zhongshan District People's Government and Zhongshan Industrial Park, Lusheng Gas holds 90% of the shares and the district state-owned enterprise holds 10% of the shares to establish a joint venture to invest, develop, and supply gas to the township-to-township pipeline natural gas supply project in Zhongshan District. The total investment of the project is 260 million yuan, which is listed as a key project by the Zhongshan District People's Government.

(The company's leaders and a team surveyed the terrain on site)

       After nearly 15 months of hard work and careful preparation, Lusheng Gas officially launched and started construction on June 1, 2022. Li Ke, chairman of the company, Liang Xiaoyan, secretary of the party branch, Zeng Daoyou, deputy general manager of the Municipal Business Department and general manager of Sichuan Southern Company, went to Lusheng Gas to guide the work and held a project start-up mobilization meeting in the meeting room of Lusheng Gas Company. Li Niu, Deputy General Manager of Municipal Business Department and General Manager of Lusheng Gas, attended the meeting.

(Li Niu introduced the project situation)

       At the meeting, Li Niu introduced the company's establishment, team construction, project background, investment plan, implementation plan, and business goals. He said that according to the development plan of the project, the main gas supply pipe in the district can cover all towns and towns within one year, and the construction of the main gas supply pipe will be completed for 80km; within two years, 15,000 households will be realized, and the gas supply scale will reach 10,000 cubic meters per day. ; Within three years, the gas supply pipeline network in the land-based natural gas supply area will be connected to every village. It is conservatively estimated that it can supply gas to more than 25,000 residential gas users and some non-residential gas users in a long-term and stable manner.

(Li Ke put forward deployment requirements for the project)

       Chairman Li Ke pointed out that the company has been running on the natural gas track for more than 10 years. Affected by the epidemic, we have expanded our diversified business channels, resumed our old business and regained our confidence. This project will be a milestone in the diversified development of the company's municipal business sector, and will be a significant contribution to the company's diversified development. The implementation of the strategy is of pioneering significance, and at the same time, the project will also become a strong support for the company's development of the cultural tourism business path with lanterns as the core in the post-epidemic era, helping enterprises to effectively innovate, reform and develop in the post-epidemic era. Breaking. In the face of new journeys, new situations and new tasks, we must boost our confidence and drive with all our strength. He requested that the Lusheng Gas leadership team should continue to improve the relevant procedures, and carry out relevant work in strict accordance with the "Regulations on Urban Gas Management" and other relevant laws and regulations in accordance with the guidance requirements of the Zhongshan District Party Committee, the district government and relevant authorities. At the same time, systematic arrangements have been made for the preliminary work, epidemic prevention and control, and the establishment of grass-roots gas supply emergency maintenance and service management agencies. He emphasized that Lushen Cultural Tourism adheres to the leading work of party building, and Lusheng Gas should closely follow the leading idea of ​​party building of the group company, strengthen the building of the party organization of the enterprise, effectively play the leading role of party building, and realize a new leap in the company's party building work.

(Confirmation of the connection point of the air supply main pipe)

       Cohesion, pragmatism, and common development! On the new journey, we will take the first step with more enthusiasm and a solid work style, and strive to write a new chapter of the company's diversified operation and coordinated development in the post-epidemic era with a new and exciting attitude and new actions.