The first Spring Festival night tour opened to the epidemic


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The vitality of a city is not how clean it looks on the surface, but the "fireworks" in the streets and alleys. After nightfall, it should return to the quiet night, but presents a different lively scene from the day, lights quiet moving in tall buildings, extraordinary colorful neon on the streets, crowded in the scenic spot...Bright lights at night, can exactly reflect the vitality and prosperity of a city.

“Cooking oil smell” of a city is always comforting. With the adjustment of the epidemic prevention and control measures, many places have introduced relevant measures to stimulate the vitality of night consumption. Under the support and encouragement of a number of measures, the night economy has begun to recover steadily, and the fireworks and busy energy in various places have gradually recovered. The night is becoming bustling and lively again, and the public's demand for cultural and travel consumption is accelerating.

The 14th Five-Year Plan and 2035 goals have been announced in all regions, and "night economy" has become an important part of driving economic development in all regions. According to relevant data reports, the night economy is expected to reach 36 trillion yuan this year. Night economy can improve the utilization rate of facilities, increase social employment, improve consumption level, drive regional development, drive culture and tourism market. There is no question that it is the "new blue ocean" of urban consumption.

During the Spring Festival, night trips become a new highlight. The 243 national-level nighttime cultural and tourism consumption clusters in China received 52.122 million visitors, with an average of 30,600 visitors per cluster every night. According to the data center of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, 308 million domestic trips were made during this year's Spring Festival holiday, up 23.1% year on year, recovering to 88.6% in the same period of 2019. Domestic tourism revenue reached 375.843 billion yuan, up 30% year on year, recovering to 73.1% in the same period of 2019. China's cultural and tourism markets during the Spring Festival holiday were generally safe, stable and orderly.

As night falls and the lights turn on, Beijing Shiyuan Park is crowded with visitors. In the critical period of consumption recovery after the epidemic, Shiyuan Park seized the opportunity of consumption recovery of "night economy", created a night consumption gathering area of characteristic scenic spots, perfectly combined the annual custom and Zigong intangible cultural heritage lights with local culture, and integrated the elements of the Great Wall, gardens, ice and snow, Winter Olympics, improve the quality of "night experience" with the help of the lights. Let the tourists in the scenic spot can enjoy the tour and release the vitality.

It is reported that during the past Spring Festival holiday, more than 64,000 visitors visited Shiyuan Park to enjoy the snow and ice and enjoy the lanterns at night. The number of visitors and revenue of the park reached new highs, up by 30% and 224% year on year respectively. Welcome the Spring Festival with a "good start".

As a special economic state, night economy is not only the continuation of day economy, but also has its own characteristics. As a powerful means to increase consumption, under the escort of the policy and the will of the people, the night economy will certainly develop better and better.