Innovation is the primary driving force for development


Coordination is the inherent requirement of sustainable and healthy development

Development power determines the speed, efficiency and sustainability of development. To pursue innovative development is the conclusion drawn from the analysis of the course of world development in modern times. 
We should establish the concept of innovative development, put innovation at the core of the overall development of lushen science and technology, and constantly promote innovation in theory, system, science and technology, culture and other aspects, so as to make innovation run through all the work of lushen science and technology.
Under the new situation, coordination is not only the development means but also the development goal, and it is also the standard and standard for evaluating the development. Lu milk should not only focus on solving problems and reinforcing the weak points, but also consider consolidating and reinforcing the original advantages. 
Only by complementing each other and complementing each other, can it achieve high-level development. Coordination is the unity of weak links and potential development. Coordinated development is to find out the weak links, make more efforts on reinforcing the weak links, and tap the development potential and enhance the development potential through reinforcing the weak links. To establish the concept of coordinated development, lushenhui grasps the overall layout of the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics, correctly handles the major relations in the development, and pays attention to the promotion of the company's soft power while strengthening the company's hard power, so as to constantly enhance the integrity of development.
Green is a necessary condition for sustainable development  

Opening up is the only way for enterprises to flourish

Green development means to solve the problem of good people living in harmony with nature. Human development activities must respect, conform to and protect nature. Man and nature are symbiotic. 
Only by respecting the laws of nature can we effectively prevent detours in the development and utilization of nature. Lushen adheres to the basic national policy of resource conservation and environmental protection, adheres to sustainable development, firmly follows the civilized development path of production development, affluent life and sound ecology, forms the harmonious development of modern management between human and nature, promotes the construction of a beautiful China, and makes new contributions to global ecological security.
To grow stronger, we should take the initiative to follow the trend of economic globalization, stay open to the outside world, and make full use of the advanced scientific and technological achievements and useful managerial experience created by human society. 
We should foster the concept of open development, follow the trend of China's economy becoming deeply integrated into the world economy, pursue a win-win strategy of opening-up, and develop an open economy at a higher level by adhering to the principles of internal and external coordination, balance between imports and exports, equal emphasis on bringing in foreign investment and going global, as well as attracting investment, technology and wisdom.