The innovative ideas of lu milk's environmental protection management

Carry out environmental protection education to enhance environmental protection awareness

  We will improve the environmental protection management system and strengthen assessment and supervision
       First, form publicity documents and picture books to strengthen education and publicity of environmental protection within the company. Distribute all kinds of publicity documents to every employee of the company to ensure that they understand the importance of environmental protection and the company's relevant rules and regulations. At the same time, the company leaders and environmental protection management personnel should lead by example and play a good example and lead role in the process of activities. Second, environmental protection publicity activities should be flexibly adopted in a variety of forms. For example, combined with a variety of corporate cultural and entertainment activities, widely used the company's internal website, publicity board, radio and other media for publicity; Special environmental protection activities such as symposia, knowledge lectures, knowledge q&a and artistic performances can be carried out to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of employees of the company and ensure the publicity effect; Cooperate with local government and public welfare organizations to implement external publicity and education. Good economic benefits, make full use of external media, such as newspapers, television, the Internet, and so on, expand the publicity of enterprise environmental protection, so that the company's environmental protection concept is deeply rooted in the public, and then form a scientific concept of environmental protection, and finally put every environmental protection behavior and management activities into practice.          First, we need to establish a systematic cap system on total pollutant emissions. In strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the "environmental protection law" and their own characteristics of production and operation, the total pollutant emission quota system should be designed and formed. It should be emphasized that the indicator system should not only include the types of pollutants that have been clearly formed by the company, but also involve the types of pollutants that may be caused by the company's production process. While setting the total emission limit of a certain pollutant, the company should also reasonably allocate the total emission limit according to each production and operation link, and ensure that each work process strictly abides by the corresponding index range. Second, optimize the company's environmental protection assessment, detection and supervision system. To ensure that all levels of personnel in strict accordance with the regulations of environmental protection company in the production and business operation activities, the company set up the corresponding test and inspection methods, the staff, department of environmental protection and related functional departments are classified into the scope of investigation, to encourage every those responsible can form a strong sense of environmental protection responsibility, ensure the quality of environmental protection work. Third, design a scientific reward and punishment system for environmental protection. The company makes scientific evaluation on the work quality of each staff member according to the test results. If the work meets the standards, the company can give a certain reward. If the work fails to meet the standards, the company should give appropriate punishment to achieve the effect of motivation or warning.

Scientific planning and optimization of environmental protection management methods  

Strengthen the training of environmental management personnel, improve professional quality

       First, according to the principle of paying equal attention to responding to the requirements of The Times and combining with the actual situation of the company, the company should construct the goal system of environmental protection management, including short-term goal and long-term goal. First, a scientific and operational long-term goal is designed, and then the long-term goal is divided into several stages, and one after another, each stage forms a corresponding small goal. The development goal of the company also includes the future work performance, technical level, professional staffing and important projects in a certain period of time. Second, clarify the core principles of the company's environmental protection management, that is, prevention first, prevention combined; Consciousness first, rewards and punishments second. The company's environmental protection work should change the previous end of the state of governance, and should strengthen the production and management activities of the early prevention and control, to prevent as the main method, the late governance and early prevention closely combined. At the same time, strengthen employees' awareness of environmental protection, internalize the company's rules and regulations into employees' independent activities, and reward and punishment are only auxiliary means. Third, the implementation of the company's environmental protection responsibility system management and target system management. According to the overall environmental protection objectives and company structure setting, each small target or work task formed by decomposition is distributed to each department, which is then refined and assigned to each employee, and then the responsibility is implemented to each person to form a strict management system of target responsibility.          With the increasing complexity of environmental pollution at the present stage and the increasing attention paid by the society to environmental protection, the environmental protection management work of enterprises has faced greater challenges and requirements. Therefore, lu shen should strengthen the construction of professional personnel team of environmental protection management to improve the professional quality of management personnel. First, strengthen the professional exchange and training of environmental protection management personnel. Through holding learning sessions, sharing sessions, knowledge lectures, academic lectures and other activities, impart emerging scientific knowledge and management skills to environmental protection management personnel of the company to enhance their professional qualities. Second, the environmental protection management department of the company should construct and form a good talent introduction channel, actively recruit professional talents, and inject new impetus into the environmental protection management work. Environmental protection and management is an important content related to ecological environmental health, enterprise independent innovation, scientific and technological progress, and social harmony. Good enterprise environmental protection management is conducive to energy saving and emission reduction, reducing resource consumption and cost input, optimizing production and operation processes and technologies, and ultimately promoting the economic benefits of enterprises.

       On the basis of clarifying the current situation of its environmental protection and management, lushen milk can promote the sustainable development and innovation progress of the company only by strengthening the awareness of environmental protection, improving the management system, forming scientific methods and improving the quality of personnel.