2018 Oriental colored lights a tale of two cities zigong lig


Sichuan zigong lanterns into Japan

       Promote Chinese civilization and demonstrate cultural confidence to the world!

       The culture of a country has always represented the aesthetic, pursuit and ideal of the country since ancient times. It connects the past and future of the nation. So does our great "Chinese dream". Look back at history, from "people also lowe, qi is a well-off" "f its food, its beauty, its habitat, the vulgar" material life yearning, to "road trip to the world" "hold world with virtue" cell "people and" sentiment pursuit, hear clearly "Chinese dream" the great symphony stretches for thousands of years of deep prelude to echo with history! The Chinese dream, the Chinese nation is looking forward to a millennium dream! As the leader said, "the ancestors of the Chinese nation have long yearned for a world of harmony where people's material life is full and carefree and their moral state is fully elevated. The Chinese civilization has always incorporated people's spiritual life into their life and social ideals. The Chinese dream, therefore, "embodies not only the ideals of the Chinese people today, but also the glorious tradition of the Chinese people's unremitting pursuit of progress since ancient times." Now that our country has become one of the world's great powers, the Chinese dream is displaying to the people of the world the great wisdom and magic power of the Chinese nation. China's cultural industry is embarking on a journey of discovery to occupy the global market, which will set off an unprecedented wave of Chinese culture on a global scale. Chinese culture will play an increasingly important role in the world!

       2018 China zigong lantern global tour exhibition of the United States station - wonderful tale of two cities to show the world the international charm of Oriental lantern!

2018 Washington world light show

       World light Tucson lantern carnival

       The Chinese lantern is famous for its ancient and modern colors. And expensive for thousands of years of salt capital, the hometown of dinosaurs, the southern lights city zigong, lanterns with spectacular momentum, scale is known for the grand; To design ingenious, ingenious production to win; It has long been famous for its blend of light scenes and blurred layers. "One Belt And One Road" brings unprecedented historical development opportunities and international market extension for zigong lantern fair. Since the successful holding of the global promotion conference of zigong lantern fair in January 2018, "zigong lantern fair" has gone to many countries and regions along with "One Belt And One Road" and introduced zigong lantern to people all over the world! By zigong light trade group co., LTD., sichuan art, lantern lights shone silk road culture communication co., LTD., sichuan lantern culture communication co., LTD., the host of "Oriental, lights light up the world," "2018 Washington universal Lantern Festival", "light of the world Tucson lantern carnival" respectively in the local time on November 14 and on November 7, the east, the western city of Washington in the United States and the Tucson to open the curtain. This is the fifth and sixth stop of zigong light trade group's overseas light exhibition in 2018, following Winnipeg, vancouver, Iceland, France, etc.

       As the political center of the United States for the first time, the "2018 Washington world light show" is of great political and historical significance to the cultural exchanges between China and the United States
       Washington, DC, Nov. 14 (greater Washington area) -- the city's legend is illuminated by the city's firewood honeysuckle. Sam Mok, chief financial officer of the U.S. labor department, Jordan Harris, director of Loudoun county tourism bureau, Robert, director of Loudoun county economic development department, minister counsellor li hong of the cultural department of the embassy in the United States, li Ming, vice consul general of the embassy in the United States and other Chinese and American officials attended the opening ceremony.

       The warm welcome and full support given by the americans from top to bottom to the zigong Lantern Festival in China really shows that China's economic and cultural development levels have become a major country at the same time. Sam Mok, chief financial officer of the us department of labor, and Jordan Harris, director of Loudoun county tourism bureau, delivered speeches respectively to thank the Oriental lanterns for bringing a wonderful visual feast to the people of the United States and the world. This Lantern Festival is another handshake of cultural exchanges between China and the United States, which will surely leave an indelible mark in the annals of history. They marveled at the ingenious and innovative design of Chinese colored lanterns, which combined the profound cultural heritage of China with the culture of the United States and the world to create a spectacular colored lantern scene attracting worldwide attention. On the evening of the same day, the world daily, People's Daily online, wen hui Po, us and Chinese business daily and other us and Chinese media in the us attended the press conference and reported on it.

       Santa Claus and Chinese porcelain dragon, two totem images that respectively symbolize Chinese culture and western culture, have a big collision on the land of the United States under the ingenious work of Oriental lanterns. This is not only the cultural exchange between China and the United States, but also the collision and integration of Chinese culture and western culture

       The lantern show with the concept of "culture" of China and the United States around the theme of "art world with colored lights", to "dream trip", "the mysterious Orient", "freedom of the americas", "fantasy world" four major parts and so on more than 40 groups of clever lamp landscape as the main body, the perfect tells the story of the world and conception, have the dream of the fairy tale world, there are folk stories of legends, has a unique romance elegance, constitute a picture by China to the United States to the perfect picture of the world, fascinating, make the person enjoy them. During the colorful lantern show, the exhibition is decorated with intangible cultural heritage performances, fashion dance shows, acrobatic performances, children's carnivals, traditional Chinese commodity exhibitions and global food parties, which make people stay in touch with each other and open a window for people in the United States and the world to understand the great Oriental country.

       Zigong light trade group CEO tao jianjun introduced the Washington light show to minister counsellor li hong in the United States.

       On the other hand, the "2018 world light Tucson lantern carnival" opened in the western U.S. city of Tucson on November 7. The light show also received widespread attention from the local government and all sectors of society.

       The spectacular event brought unprecedented excitement to the western U.S. city of Tucson, where the local government was even more impressed by the Chinese lights' appeal, thanks to the enthusiasm of Chinese and foreign citizens.

       The combination of eastern and western cultures, ingenious design and stunning visual effects have amazed the local people.

       This kind of activity from the county to the city chief executive's neat appearance is really rare in the local, it shows that americans attach great importance to the Lantern Festival!

       Pima county chief executive, executive vice mayor of Tucson, city council members, President of the county chamber of commerce, chairman of the city metropolitan chamber of commerce, director of the city tourism bureau, director of the city transportation bureau and other U.S. officials attended the opening ceremony.

       Local government officials have expressed their sincere thanks and support, which is the grand treatment given to China's cultural industry as a big country.

       Ramon Valadez, Pima county chief executive, Richard g. Fimbres, executive vice mayor of Tucson, and Amber Smith, President of Tucson metropolitan chamber of commerce delivered speeches respectively, thanking Pima county chief executive Ramon Valadez, Tucson city executive vice mayor Richard g. Fimbres and Tucson city metropolitan chamber of commerce for their great contribution to cultural exchanges between China and the United States. In their speech, they praised the exquisite lighting technology of Oriental lanterns and called "2018 world light Tucson lantern carnival" to face the American audience with traditional, fashionable, fresh and modern elements. Local radio, television, newspapers and other 17 news media attended the press conference and the lantern fair on the relevant reports!
       Occupying the American market has important and far-reaching international strategic significance for Chinese lantern cultural industry to go global and conquer the world.
       The formal establishment of diplomatic ties between China and the United States in the late 1970s marks a formal breakthrough and transformation in the relations between the People's Republic of China and western countries. Over the past 30 years, thanks to the joint efforts of several generations of leaders and people of vision from all walks of life, china-us relations have made historic progress. The two sides have conducted fruitful exchanges and cooperation in a wide range of areas. The United States, the full name of the United States of America, referred to as the "United States", the total area of 9.373 million square kilometers, the population of 320 million countries, in less than 300 years of historical development process, in the economic, cultural, industrial and other fields are in the world's leading position, has become a superpower. The United States, which is composed of immigrants from all over the world, has a very developed cultural industry with its output value accounting for about 20% of GDP. Its overall competitiveness ranks first in the world! From the 1930s to before the second world war, the United States, with its advantages in economy, technology and knowledge, began to dump cultural products on other countries, especially developing countries. In the 1990s, with the deepening of economic globalization, cultural industry barriers of various countries have been broken down, and the tide of enterprise merger and reorganization is surging. A number of super transnational cultural industry groups have emerged in the United States, leading the development of global cultural industry. This lantern show is the seventh time that Oriental colored lights have landed in the United States, and it is also the first exhibition of Chinese colored lights in the political center of the United States -- Washington. This is a milestone event with great historical significance and far-reaching international influence in the history of overseas exhibition of Chinese colored lights in zigong. As a cultural industry derived from China's excellent traditional culture, Chinese colored lanterns have won unprecedented market recognition and unanimous praise from Chinese and foreign people. It is really not easy! Especially in Washington - it is the capital of the United States, not only the political center, the full history of the city is most of the U.S. federal government agencies, embassy in the United States, the world bank, the international monetary fund, which is the headquarters of the international organizations such as the organization of American states, over the past 200 years, it is a barometer of American politics, is the heart of American politics, the pulse of the beating of the heart, not only determines the United States, also affects the world!

       Oriental lantern 2018 Washington, USA, Tucson lantern show enables China's excellent traditional culture and western culture led by the United States to blend in harmony through the form of Chinese lantern, and achieve perfect symbiosis! This not only lightens the "cultural confidence" of China, but also strengthens the public opinion base of the 19th CPC national congress by "telling Chinese stories well, using culture as the media and making friends with culture". Take culture as the bridge and promote joint construction and sharing in the 'One Belt And One Road' initiative! The real practice!

Oriental lantern 2018 Washington, USA, Tucson lantern show enables China's excellent traditional culture and western culture led by the United States to blend in harmony through the form of Chinese lantern, and achieve perfect symbiosis!

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