After the "mangoscus", the Mid-Autumn festival lig


Yingli maintained the green power of photovoltaic street lam
Lingnan Mid-Autumn festival full moon high hanging
The stars of yangcheng are dazzling
The annual Mid-Autumn festival Lantern Festival in guangzhou cultural park comes
Twenty-three large and medium-sized groups of lights and nearly a thousand atmosphere lights went on at six o 'clock last night
It can be said that "shape, color, light, sound, movement"
The gorgeous lights attract many citizens to view and take photos
Although typhoon "mangosteen" strong transit
But because the park's defense measures are appropriate
All the lights in the park were blown down or damaged
Mid-Autumn festival Lantern Festival will be held as scheduled
Free from 22nd to 24th
The enthusiasm of the citizens remains undiminished
The number of visitors is expected to exceed 300,000
23 large and medium-sized groups of lights and nearly a thousand atmosphere lights were displayed
The light group is surrounded by lingnan flowers
Different forms, contend for beauty
This year, the Lantern Festival will focus on flowers from different periods in lingnan
Combined with local landmark buildings in guangzhou
Integrate into the unique festival customs and handicrafts and other traditional cultural characteristics
Showing the city of guangzhou in a new way of science and technology
The beauty of natural ecology, living environment and humanity
Numerous flowers
Sheng fruit

       The Mid-Autumn festival Lantern Festival to "flowers and fruits" as the theme. "Flower" is the title, because guangzhou is a "flower city" with more than 2000 kinds of flowers. 2018 is the year of the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up. "fruit" refers to the rich fruits achieved in various fields of the motherland during the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up.


       It is an interdisciplinary innovation of traditional lantern making technology and intangible cultural heritage technology. The Lantern Festival planner Chen hongjuan introduced that its modeling inspiration comes from the thirteen lines of museum collection of tongcao painting "tongcao watercolor flower basket", "tongcao painting emerged in guangzhou in the 19th century, mainly reflects the scene of People's Daily life. Now it has become a business card of guangzhou. Through the superb skills of the lantern technologist, the plane content of the painting can be highly restored and presented as a three-dimensional lamp set.


       The lighting group is also a miniature of "beautiful flower city, charming guangzhou". "Flower", is the Lantern Festival on display elements, Chinese rose, lily, lotus, the cuckoo flower distribution in garden lights, and so on more than 40 through lights technology combining with the characteristics of various says show the flowers, such as "accident", "recent", "modern" "fish play flowers", "happy together" chy-tech, let visitors feel prosperous times flowers, fragrant garden of wonderful fun.


The road to recovery

       This year the lamp is met the biggest window, be no less than central square is called "road of revival" lamp group, it is the crystallization of modern science and technology encounters traditional coloured lamp unexpectedly.
       The whole group of lights is in a spiral shape, which clearly shows the traditional landmark buildings with lingnan characteristics, such as Chen ancestral temple and xiguan grand house, etc., representing the old and broad flavor of guangzhou's ancient commercial capital. The C919 aircraft and the "fuxing" high-speed railway are fruitful achievements on the road to rejuvenation of the motherland after 40 years of reform and opening-up. They represent the continuous rolling forward of the gears of the new era in guangzhou and reflect the changes and prosperity of The Times in guangzhou.
       The most eye-catching part of the "road to revival" light set is the 200-fold reduction of the 3D "mini version of guangzhou tower", constantly changing the colors of the seven colors, such as star shift bucket change.
       The production of this guangzhou tower, the first bold attempt to combine 3D printing modern technology, using melt piling technology took 15 days to complete the printing, so that the modern sense of poly (lactic acid) material and traditional lights collision wonderful. At the same time, there is also a round of moon lights using 3D printing technology. It is based on high-resolution photos of the moon surface taken by chang 'e-2 satellite of China, accurately restore the texture of the moon through 3D modeling, and then use 3D printer to print and shape.

A full moon and flowers bring people together

       "There were not so many places to go before, so every year he and his wife would come to the Lantern Festival in guangzhou cultural park," said Chen wence, a native of guangzhou who came to the festival with his wife. Now that the country has developed, there are more places to visit during holidays. The Mid-Autumn festival Lantern Festival in the cultural park is different every year.


His wife took a photo of Mr. Chen wence

       Ms. Liu of sichuan and hunan also took the children together to see the light show, the children in the reporter interview, Shouting that the light is very beautiful, very like, Ms. Liu himself is very like the light group with the peach, "the light will do very well, four lights, bright brilliant, like in wonderland". She thinks that holding such a beautiful lantern exhibition in guangzhou will attract many tourists, show the customs of the Mid-Autumn festival in guangzhou, and also make foreigners feel at home.


       Lived near the cultural park Mr. Hu and Mrs. Zhang, listen to friends come to visit, "feel refreshing, very beautiful," the couple to see parade for the first time, they like "renewal" chy-tech, "is a combination of countries' patriotic army, the road to revival" theme, combined with the national 40th anniversary of reform and opening-up, the motherland is also more and more strong, will promote the theme of the great, can let more teenagers to see the Lantern Festival, is also a kind of patriotic education for them."


Mr. Hu and Mrs. Zhang at the Lantern Festival

       Guangzhou, as an international metropolis, not only native guangzhou people but also foreign friends from all over the world come to visit the festival. The reporter had the honor to interview Joseph from Nairobi, Kenya on the spot. When he came to guangzhou to do business, he happened to pass by and saw this festival Lantern Festival. He thought it was very beautiful to come in and watch it. Egypt's four friends also praised the Lantern Festival, they like guangzhou very much, think guangzhou is very beautiful.


Four Egyptian friends working in guangzhou have expressed their love for guangzhou

       The Mid-Autumn festival Lantern Festival in guangzhou cultural park began in 1956. It is the longest and most famous lantern exhibition event, carrying the most important cultural memory of guangzhou people. The cultural heritage of guangzhou government has been integrated into the blood of guangzhou citizens, and has been passed on from generation to generation. Watching the Lantern Festival is not only a celebration of the Mid-Autumn festival in guangzhou, but also the inheritance and development of the folk culture of the Mid-Autumn festival in lingnan.


       Mid-Autumn festival National Day period, the cultural park also carefully arranged a series of wonderful cultural activities, including painting and calligraphy exhibitions, performances, ancient lantern riddles, cantonese opera folding opera, etc., so that the park "culture everywhere, step by step with scenery." Hope to bring guangzhou citizens a happy, full Mid-Autumn National Day holiday.

Article from: China youth daily travel weekly