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       Recently, yingli group (hereinafter referred to as "yingli"), a photovoltaic enterprise, completed the maintenance and repair of a total of 55 photovoltaic street lamps in the PLA garrison 66336, ensuring the normal use of street lamps.

英利为某部队维护光伏路灯 绿色电力继续“站岗”

       It is reported that the street lamps were donated by yingli group in 2006. Since then, yingli group has established a profound strategic cooperation relationship with unit 66336. "Since the installation of the first batch of solar photovoltaic street lamps, except for the normal attenuation and loss, the equipment is basically in normal use." "During this period, due to aging equipment, component failure and other factors, every few years, the company will not regularly send professional maintenance personnel to the army for inspection and maintenance," said zhang yifei, who is in charge of yingli's project.

英利为某部队维护光伏路灯 绿色电力继续“站岗”

       Some time ago, yingli once again sent personnel to the 66336 troops stationed in baotou to inspect and repair the solar photovoltaic street lamp equipment, replace the lamp holder, controller and battery of the light source, so as to ensure the normal use of these independent photovoltaic equipment. According to zhang yifei, yingli will also start the maintenance and repair of the second-phase lawn lights in the later stage.
       Over the years, Britain and Britain have taken concrete actions to deepen the theme of joint military and civilian cooperation, expand areas, improve models and increase benefits of joint military and civilian cooperation. He has carried out party lessons and exchanges with the army, invited the old red army to talk about revolutionary history, basketball friendly matches, English model reports and other activities. We will make full use of technological research and development advantages of enterprises to support scientific and technological innovation in the armed forces, establish a reward fund for strengthening the armed forces through science and technology, and fully support the armed forces in carrying out informatization, personnel training and training facilities. Through participating in the construction and renovation of living facilities of the military barracks, 210 solar street lamps have been installed free of charge in the barracks of the garrison, and 4 standard basketball courts have been built. The total value of funds and goods used by the group to support the army has exceeded 70 million yuan.
英利为某部队维护光伏路灯 绿色电力继续“站岗”

       Root "baoding city of the national famous etc, yingli over the years has always maintained a support, love, army glorious traditions, carried out a series of intellectual support, such as using power military science and technology innovation enterprise industry advantage and information construction, set up science and technology reward fund for the motherland, the support troops barracks, transform life training facilities construction, making donations to forces, to transfer to other tasks military jobs." Zheng xiaoqiang, party secretary and general manager of yingli, said, "next, yingli will deeply explore and develop the integration industry of relevant zero-carbon technology represented by photovoltaic and military modernization, accelerate the in-depth development of civil-military integration in the new era, and provide a strong driving force and strategic support for the realization of the Chinese dream of a strong military."
       It is reported that yingli has been awarded the titles of "advanced unit of national militia work" and "advanced unit of national military and civilian joint construction of socialist spiritual civilization" due to its continuous deepening of the new connotation of military-civilian joint construction in the new era over the years.
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