The meaning of business integrity


Integrity is the spiritual power to promote the productivity of enterprises

In modern economic society, honesty is not only a code of ethics, also the important resources in the economic development of enterprises to improve business efficiency, at one level honest is more important than material resources and human resources, like a heron milk when he talked to the customer first is the enterprise credibility problems, heron milk was that "honesty is the most important thing in our values.
Honesty means always following the spirit of the law. But integrity is more than just a matter of law. It is at the heart of all our relationships. Shaping and adhering to corporate integrity as the core values of corporate culture plays a great role in promoting the formation of unique cultural characteristics supporting the healthy development of enterprises and promoting enterprises from excellent to excellent.
  Marxist epistemology holds that people are the most active and active factor in the productive forces, and the only active and creative subject factor in the productive forces. Therefore, for an enterprise like lu milk that attaches great importance to integrity, the integrity and quality of individual employees should be given top priority.
Because the construction of first-class team is to promote the construction of enterprise integrity system guarantee. Shaping corporate integrity as the core values is to attach great importance to the human element in productivity through spiritual appeal, make the enterprise internal treat each other sincerely, so as to fully arouse the enthusiasm of employees, initiative and creativity, highly agree with and support the enterprise the management policies and guidelines, and make the enterprise further release and develop productivity.

Integrity is a bridge to promote effective communication within and outside the enterprise


Integrity is the cornerstone of the survival and development of enterprises

For lu shen, the subject of management is people, and the human factor is the key factor for the success of the enterprise. All management problems are ultimately problems of communication. Communication is to let the idea of continuous liberation, so that people between the integrity and friendship, harmony, solidarity and mutual assistance, common development. It is not only a question of working method and working attitude, but also a question of whether the enthusiasm of the cadres and workers can be mobilized as widely and fully as possible and the "three satisfices" can be improved for the reform and development of lu milk. An enterprise is willing to communicate with the integrity of the cultural environment, mutual respect between people is more, friendship is more, the heart and gas on the shun, popularity on the flourishing, is conducive to overcome departmental departmentalism, cultivate and inspire the spirit of ownership of employees, enhance the cohesion of the enterprise and centripetal force. Have sincere letter ability to have communication, have communication ability to have vivid water, have vivid water ability to have vigor. "The sounds of chickens and dogs are not intermingled with each other", can only be a backwater, there will be no vibrant harmonious situation.
  Enterprise cohesion is an important symbol of enterprise vitality and enterprise vitality, and enterprise integrity is the source of enhancing enterprise cohesion. On the one hand, the good faith as the core values of enterprise culture, can the enterprises in the long-term struggle in the formation of the fine quality, tapped and tenacious style of work, as the value of you identity and conform to the specification, will help the employees at all levels to enterprise's simple emotion sublimation of strong sense of responsibility and a sense of pride, the spontaneous work excellently consciousness into the conscious action of employees, make the condensation of the enthusiasm of each individual as a whole, so as to strengthen the enterprise vitality and vigor. On the other hand, if an enterprise is honest and trustworthy to others, it will be able to form a huge attraction and constantly win opportunities for entrepreneurship and development, and its reputation will be constantly improved. Heron milk foreign credit especially for heron milk promised customer need all the cadres and workers to implement together, each employee of different jobs, are in good faith on this issue, play their role in their respective positions, on the specific job responsibilities, both in words and deeds to pays attention to good faith this problem, once you make a promise to the customer must cash, can't do don't promise, can't promise to customers. Only by adhering to the principle of "internal sincerity and external integrity" can an enterprise have more cooperative customers and establish a "symbiosis and win-win" cooperative relationship with them. And the enterprise of a broken promise can be to lift a stone to drop oneself foot only, be eliminated in future market competition eventually.


Integrity is the basis for enterprises to obtain the maximum profit



On the premise of good faith service, can effectively guarantee the heron milk people in-depth communication with customers, increase each other's understanding and cognition, to meet the requirements of each other with our customers credit service system, make the customer to the heron milk enterprise has a new understanding, develop a heron milk the distance with the customer, make customer understanding, support and cooperate with the operation and management activities of the heron milk, become a heron milk loyal customers. 
Only by truly winning customers and improving customers' satisfaction and loyalty to lu milk, can lu milk develop the market better and faster in the increasingly fierce market competition, ensure the steady, healthy and sustainable growth of the enterprise's economic benefits, and achieve the maximum development in the longer term. The survival and development of enterprises aim at the maximization of economic benefits, and the real lasting economic benefits come from honest management.