Enterprise culture, also known as organizational culture, is the spiritual wealth and material form with its own characteristics created in the production, operation and management activities of enterprises, including cultural concept, value concept, enterprise spirit, moral code, code of conduct, historical tradition, enterprise system, cultural environment and enterprise products. Values are the core of corporate culture, and the connotation of corporate culture is the combination of values, business philosophy and code of conduct.

Corporate culture construction



       Positive, lu milk will be positive, full of positive energy, play a role in motivating and encouraging employees. Only positive corporate culture can unite the employees of the enterprise and form resultant force, so as to cut through waves and escort the development of the enterprise.
       The system construction of lushen science and technology starts from practice and continuously improves and fits the company in practice. There is no "best" system but only "better" system. We should build a "standardized" corporate culture, strengthen institutional building, constantly revise and improve the institutional system, establish the authority of the system, and adhere to the principle of managing people and affairs with the system.
       Adhere to the "people-oriented" principle, the root of corporate culture is how to work. Relative to the corporate culture, the staff is the most critical element, the implementation of humane management, reflect the people-oriented culture, in order to start the staff's excitement, give play to the enthusiasm of employees, develop the creativity of employees, help employees to achieve self-transcendence, so that all employees have full confidence in the development of the enterprise. To build a platform for the development of employees, we should provide equal opportunities for the growth of talents, attract talents by policies, stimulate talents by treatment, retain talents by strength, give full play to the creative potential of talents, and inject inexhaustible power into enterprises.
       The "good faith" will be integrated into the corporate culture, the enterprise in order to be in an invincible position in the competition, must improve the awareness of good faith, break away from the only economic benefits and despise the idea of credibility, integrity and development, integrity and efficiency together. The enterprise leader must stress the good faith construction, makes oneself diligently to mold the enterprise good faith image the model. The enterprise staff must speak the good faith morals, the staff's image represents the enterprise's image, the staff's good faith or not directly affects the enterprise's economic interest. Therefore, the concept of credibility of all staff, credibility awareness, credibility ethics must always pay attention to abide by.

       Continuous innovation of corporate culture, innovation is the vitality of the enterprise, but also the vitality of the construction of corporate culture; Is the internal core of corporate values. Without an innovative culture, there will be no innovative ideas and employees, no technological innovation, management innovation, service innovation, etc., and enterprises will lose the basis of their social value. To cultivate the innovative spirit of employees and turn it into a kind of power and support, so as to improve the core competitiveness of the enterprise and improve the operating efficiency of the enterprise.

       Setting long-term goals for corporate culture construction is a long-term process, and corporate culture exerts a subtle influence, which cannot be accomplished overnight.

       In this process, may cause the neglect of the company's managers and employees of the passive slack. The top management of the enterprise must regard the cultural construction as a long-term work. Only by constantly adhering to the construction and improvement of the enterprise culture and deepening its influence, can the virtuous circle between culture and people be realized and the long-term development of the enterprise be promoted.  

       If lushen science and technology wants to achieve long-term development and progress, it should set long-term goals for cultural construction from the very beginning and constantly improve the culture in the development process to form its own cultural backbone. In this way, lushen science and technology has a broad future.