Lighting of night scene lamplight should consider as a whole according to urban planning

   Design night view according to urban function
Urban nightview lighting should be closely combined with urban planning, which is an integral part of urban planning. According to the overall plan, the construction of urban lighting project, which focuses on the landmark project reflecting the characteristics of a city, not only has a reasonable lighting function, but also has a very high artistic level.   According to the deployment of the urban master plan, the night view design should be consistent with the functional characteristics of the city and buildings. Different functional properties of streets and lots, specific environments and buildings, their lighting should have different atmosphere, different brightness or different style requirements.

Urban lighting project as an important part of the urban landscape

   The urban lighting project is closely related to the construction project design
Elements of the urban environment landscape include natural objects and man-made structures, which are both enormous and have microscopic features, some of which emphasize practical functions, others emphasize ornamental values. From the past focus on function into practicality and aesthetics. In the future, we should continue to standardize, expand and implement in a planned way and improve the level of technology and art.   Efforts to integrate urban lighting engineering work in the construction engineering design and construction process simultaneously. In the modernization municipal engineering, the key cultural relic and the old neighborhood repair, the building facade renovation and so on work, may both coordinate to carry on.

We will strengthen management of urban lighting projects



The management is of great significance to maintain the normal operation of urban lighting engineering facilities and good lighting effect. It includes scientific management and legal management. At the same time to use modern control technology for scientific management, not only to ensure the lighting rate and facilities perfect rate, but also to ensure economic and practical, to replace the best effect. City night scene illume project construction must adjust measures to local conditions, act according to one's ability, use limited fund well, do good deed for broad masses of people, do practical work.